What we do

We use Microsoft data technologies to provide data solutions, turning problem data into data that's clean, available, and in a format that can be analysed and shared. Because having trustworthy data allows everyone to make better decisions.

We are experienced software developers. We have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft C#, Microsoft SQL Server database, SSIS, and Microsoft Power BI, as well as Parquet, Microsoft Access, and Excel. We work with Microsoft Fabric to make it easier for businesses to make the best of their data.

Data for an AI world

AI is making it easier and faster for businesses to get more value from their data. It's also putting data at the centre of business decisions, turning data into a competitive asset. But not all businesses have data that is AI ready, or data that supports management decision making.

We use Microsoft data technologies to create solutions that clean, transform, and model data. AI is powerful but requires data you can trust. We help you get your data AI ready—including using the AI capabilities built into Power BI.

Analytics for everyone

Advances in data technologies have made data analytics more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Almost every organization, whether small or large, is sitting on a mountain of data. With very few exceptions, there are data problems that need to be resolved before it can be trusted and used for analytics. We work with managers to get their data into a format that can be used, whether that's as an input to AI models, creating a dashboard, or making data more shareable.

Microsoft Power BI

From getting started, to creating powerful data models, we help businesses get more from Power BI. We provide consultancy, training, and report development, as well as creating data models and DAX measures.


As well as designing and building data solutions, we also offer training to ensure every solution is used to its full potential. We provide training on Microsoft data technologies, including custom sessions on:

  • Getting started with Microsoft Power BI
  • Choosing better performance metrics

Want to know more?

We work closely with line of business managers and IT professionals to tackle a range of data issues. We use Microsoft data technologies including Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Fabric to bring data together from different systems, clean and transform data, design data models, and create customized dashboards and reports.

If you have issues with your data, or need help getting your data into a format that can support your business requirements, you can find out more about how we work. Or get in touch for a no-obligation chat.