Can you see only part of the picture?

Many companies have more information than they realise. But the information may be “hidden” in different systems, or in an off-line archive. Systems such as accounts, CRM, and operational systems hold a wealth of data about your business and your customers, and why they buy. But different systems refer to things in different ways, making it difficult to join information together and get the full picture.

A data warehouse solution brings all the relevant information together, and updates as new information as it is added.

A data warehouse, large or small (sometimes referred to as a data mart), enables in-depth analysis to be done no matter where the data is held. So whether you are grappling with big data, or want to join your small data together, you get a comprehensive, cross-functional view.

We have many years’ experience of working across departments, and in creating data warehouses. We work with you from initial feasibility, planning, through to implementation.

Data warehouse technology needs to fit your business needs, and the information you hold, so you can make smarter data-driven decisions.